Rugby World Cup 2019 Fixtures – Pools and Match Schedule RWC19

Rugby world cup japan 2019 fixtures

This is the first time that the Rugby World Cup is going to be held in Asia. The Rugby World Cup 2019 will be going to run for more than a month. The first match will be played on 20th September 2019 and the tournament will be continuing till 2nd November 2019.

This is year Japan is going to host the Rugby World Cup 2019 and all the teams of Rugby World Cup 2019 will be seen in the Stadiums of the japan.

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The Rugby World Cup 2019 Fixtures are updated and confirmed and are given below on this website. The Rugby World Cup 2019 fixtures are given by dates as well as by pools even all you want is available here on the website. See Complete Fixtures with all Event Details.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Fixtures by Date:

Match noPoolVenueTeam 1Team 2TimeDate
1ATokyo Stadium, TokyoRussiaJapan8:45 PM20 Sep
2DSapporo Dome, SapporoFijiAustralia2:45 PM21 Sep
3CTokyo Stadium, TokyoArgentinaFrance5:15 PM21 Sep
4BInternational Stadium, YokohamaSouth AfricaNew Zealand7:45 PM  21 Sep
5BHanazono Rugby Stadium, OsakaNamibiaItaly3:15 PM22 Sep
6AInternational Stadium, YokohamaScotlandIreland5:45 PM22 Sep
7CSapporo Dome, SapporoTongaEngland8:15 PM22 Sep
8DCity of Toyota Stadium, AichiGeorgiaWales8:15 PM23 Sep
9AKumagaya Rugby Grounds, KumagayaSamoaRussia8:15 PM24 Sep
10DKamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, KamaishiUruguayFiji3:15 PM25 Sep
11BHakatanomori Football Stadium, FukukoaCanadaItaly5:45 PM26 Sep
12CKobe Misaki Stadium, KobeUSAEngland8:45 PM26 Sep
13CHanazono Rugby Stadium, OsakaTongaArgentina2:45 PM28 sep
14AShizuoka Stadium Ecopa, ShizuokaIrelandJapan5:15 PM28 Sep
15BCity of Toyota Stadium, AichiNamibiaSouth Africa7:45 PM28 Sep
16DKumagaya Rugby Grounds, KumagayaUruguayGeorgia3:15 PM29 Sep
17DTokyo Stadium, TokyoWalesAustralia5:45 PM29 Sep
18AKobe Misaki Stadium, KobeSamoaScotland8:15 PM30 Sep
19CHakatanomori Football Stadium, FukukoaUSAFrance5:45 PM2 Oct
20BOita Stadium, OitaCanadaNew Zealand8:15 PM2 Oct
21DHanazono Rugby Stadium, OsakaFijiGeorgia3:15 PM3 Oct
22AKobe Misaki Stadium, KobeRussiaIreland8:15 PM3 Oct
23BShizuoka Stadium Ecopa, ShizuokaItalySouth Africa7:45 PM4 Oct
24DOita Stadium, OitaUruguayAustralia3:15 PM5 Oct
25CTokyo Stadium, TokyoArgentinaEngland6:00 PM5 Oct
26ACity of Toyota Stadium, AichiSamoaJapan8:30 PM5 Oct
27BTokyo Stadium, TokyoNamibiaNew Zealand3:45 PM6 Oct
28CKumamoto Prefectural Athletic Stadium, KumamotoTongaFrance6:45 PM6 Oct
29BKobe Misaki Stadium, KobeCanadaSouth Africa9:15 PM8 Oct
30CKumagaya Rugby Grounds, KumagayaUSAArgentina3:15 PM9 Oct
31AShizuoka Stadium Ecopa, ShizuokaRussiaScotland6:15 PM9 Oct
32DOita Stadium, OitaFijiWales8:45 PM9 Oct
33DShizuoka Stadium Ecopa, ShizuokaGeorgiaAustralia9:15 PM11 Oct
34BCity of Toyota Stadium, AichiItalyNew Zealand3:45 PM12 Oct
35CInternational Stadium, YokohamaFranceEngland7:15 PM12 Oct
36AHakatanomori Football Stadium, FukukoaSamoaIreland9:45 PM12 Oct
37BKamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, KamaishiCanadaNamibia2:15 PM13 Oct
38CHanazono Rugby Stadium, OsakaTongaUSA4:45 PM13 Oct
39DKumamoto Prefectural Athletic Stadium, KumamotoUruguayWales7:15 PM13 Oct
40AInternational Stadium, YokohamaScotlandJapan9:45 PM13 Oct

Knockout Stage

Match noVenueTeam 1Team 2TimeDate


QF 1Oita Stadium, OitaRunner up Pool DWinner Pool C6:15 PM19 Oct, 2019
QF 2Tokyo Stadium, TokyoRunner up Pool AWinner Pool B9:15 PM19 Oct, 2019
QF 3Oita Stadium, OitaRunner up Pool CWinner Pool D6:15 PM20 Oct, 2019
QF 4Tokyo Stadium, TokyoRunner up Pool BWinner Pool A9:15 PM20 Oct, 2019


SF 1International Stadium, YokohamaWinner QF 1Winner QF 27:00 PM26 Oct, 2019
SF 2International Stadium, YokohamaWinner QF 3Winner QF 48:00 PM27 Oct, 2019

Third-place play-off

Bronze medal matchTokyo Stadium, TokyoLoser SF 1Loser SF 28:00 PM1st Nov, 2019


FinalInternational Stadium, YokohamaWinner SF 1Winner SF 28:00 PM2nd Nov,2019

Rugby World Cup 2019 fixtures by Pools:

In the Rugby World Cup 2019, twenty teams from all over the World are participating and these teams are divided into four groups (A, B, C, and D), each group is consisted of 5 teams.

Pool A

  1. Ireland
  2. Scotland
  3. Japan
  4. Russia
  5. Samoa

Pool B

  1. New Zealand
  2. Canada
  3. South Africa
  4. Italy
  5. Namibia
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Pool C

  1. England
  2. France
  3. Argentina
  4. United states of America
  5. Tonga

Pool D

  1. Australia
  2. Wales
  3. Georgia
  4. Fiji
  5. Uruguay

Pool A Matches

DateTeam 1Team 2TimeVenue
Tokyo Stadium, TokyoRussiaJapan8:45 PMSep 20, 2019
International Stadium, YokohamaScotlandIreland5:45 PMSep 22, 2019
Kumagaya Rugby Grounds, KumagayaSamoaRussia8:15 PMSep 24, 2019
Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa, ShizuokaIrelandJapan5:15 PMSep 28, 2019
Kobe Misaki Stadium, KobeSamoaScotland8:15 PMSep 30, 2019
Kobe Misaki Stadium, KobeRussiaIreland8:15 PMOct 3, 2019
City of Toyota Stadium, AichiSamoaJapan8:30 PMOct 5, 2019
Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa, ShizuokaRussiaScotland6:15 PMOct 9, 2019
Hakatanomori Football Stadium, FukukoaSamoaIreland9:45 PMOct 12, 2019
International Stadium, YokohamaScotlandJapan9:45 PMOct 13, 2019

Pool B Matches

venueTeam 1Team 2TimeDate
International Stadium, YokohamaSouth AfricaNew Zealand7:45 PMSep 21, 2019
Hanazono Rugby Stadium, OsakaNamibiaItaly3:15 PMSep 22, 2019
Hakatanomori Football Stadium, FukukoaCanadaItaly5:45 PMSep 26, 2019
City of Toyota Stadium, AichiNamibiaSouth Africa7:45 PMSep 28, 2019
Oita Stadium, OitaCanadaNew Zealand8:15 PMOct 2, 2019
Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa, ShizuokaItalySouth Africa7:45 PMOct 4, 2019
Tokyo Stadium, TokyoNamibiaNew Zealand3:45 PMOct 6, 2019
Kobe Misaki Stadium, KobeCanadaSouth Africa9:15 PMOct 8, 2019
City of Toyota Stadium, AichiItalyNew Zealand3:45 PMOct 12, 2019
Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, KamaishiCanadaNamibia2:15 PMOct 13, 2019

Pool C Matches

VenueTeam 1Team 2TimeDate
Tokyo Stadium, TokyoArgentinaFrance5:15 PMSep 21, 2019
Sapporo Dome, SapporoTongaEngland8:15 PMSep 22, 2019
Kobe Misaki Stadium, KobeUSAEngland8:45 PMSep 26, 2019
Hanazono Rugby Stadium, OsakaTongaArgentina2:45 PMSep 28, 2019
Hakatanomori Football Stadium, FukukoaUSAFrance5:45 PMOct 2, 2019
Tokyo Stadium, TokyoArgentinaEngland6:00 PMOct 5, 2019
Kumamoto Prefectural Athletic Stadium, KumamotoTongaFrance6:45 PMOct 6, 2019
Kumagaya Rugby Grounds, KumagayaUSAArgentina3:15 PMOct 9, 2019
International Stadium, YokohamaFranceEngland7:15 PMOct 12, 2019
Hanazono Rugby Stadium, OsakaTongaUSA4:45 PMOct 13, 2019

Pool D Matches

VenueTeam 1Team 2TimeDate
Sapporo Dome, SapporoFijiAustralia2:45 PMSep 21, 2019
City of Toyota Stadium, AichiGeorgiaWales8:15 PMSep 23, 2019
Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, KamaishiUruguayFiji3:15 PMSep 25, 2019
Kumagaya Rugby Grounds, KumagayaUruguayGeorgia3:15 PMSep 29, 2019
Tokyo Stadium, TokyoWalesAustralia5:45 PMSep 29, 2019
Hanazono Rugby Stadium, OsakaFijiGeorgia3:15 PMOct 3, 2019
Oita Stadium, OitaUruguayAustralia3:15 PMOct 5, 2019
Oita Stadium, OitaFijiWales8:45 PMOct 9, 2019
Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa, ShizuokaGeorgiaAustralia9:15 PMOct 11, 2019
Kumamoto Prefectural Athletic Stadium, KumamotoUruguayWales7:15 PMOct 13, 2019


All the above Fixtures are taken from the Official Rugby World Cup Website.

(Note that all times are According to the Australian Time Zone. If you are from USA or Other countries don’t worry about that, Just Follow this link: Here)

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